Claire Woolstencroft


Claire said …

Shooting with Kevin was one of the best!!! What a Fantastic Guy & photographer!! We had such a good Laugh during the shoot! The location was fabulous I was made to feel very Welcomed!! I felt relaxed and confident Around Kevin which helped create amazing Photos!! I am very impressed with the results!!! I Highly recommend Kevin!! I can’t wait for our next shoot!




Promoting the new classroom for the 5’s and under at ACTAcademy

Kelly Nevett ACTacademy said:

Totally love the photos Kevin!! I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed but they are just fabulous! So so pleased you came and really grateful for your sheer dedication to getting just the right shot-with not the most responsive of models!! We just looked through them all with big smiles on our faces. You make our hard work here look like it’s been worth it and that’s an amazing feeling to give us as getting the pre school classroom ready has been a tough few months of late nights and stress!! Now to get them out and attracting some custom…! Thanks so much again xx



Kelly Nevett said:

Hi Kevin! I’m so sorry this appears so late but I went away for a week after the showcase and have only just got around to opening up the photos you took of our Royal hall performance. Once again I am so unbelievably pleased with every single one. You have truly captured the event and not only the action but somehow the spirit of our little performers as well! That’s a real talent and we are so impressed with your work. Thank you so much for your time and expert eye that has so incredibly captured the annual show-just stunning! There were so many ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ when we sat down with the teaching team and showed them too. Kelly xx


Nikita Potter


Nikita Said …

Kevin is absolutely fantastic, he is the most skilled photographer I have ever worked with.
The whole day was an absolute pleasure, he captured shots before they even happed, extremely talented with the camera!
I can not recommend Kevin enough and do not think it will be the last time we work together.
I look forward to our future shoots! Once again, thank you ever so much !


Danielle Furniss

Street Photography in Sheffield. Model: Danielle Furniss

Danielle said:

I’m terribly sorry that I only just saw this Kevin! The shoot we did together was so much fun and your praise for me is so kind. It was the most fun shoot I’ve ever done and felt more of a collaborative art project than a job. I really loved working on your ideas together and playing with what effects we could create with reflective surfaces and lighting. You made me feel comfortable and chatted throughout, I felt as though we had been friends for years! I would love to work with you again someday! Best wishes, Danielle



ACTAcademy at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, part of the National Theatre's Connections, performing in

Kelly Nevett ACTAcademy said:

Just got in from work and taken a look. Kevin!!! All I can is WOW!! You are SO talented! You’ve far exceeded my expectations for capturing the piece of theatre, the photographs are truly wonderful and reflect the play so brilliantly. Thank you so much, I’m blown away. X


Matilda Swinney


Matilda said:

A simply superb photographer! One of the best photographers I have ever worked with. Kevin is extremely skilled and experienced. He can see a beautiful photograph before he has shot it and works in a very creative and fantastic way. An absolute pleasure to work with always, Kevin is someone who I hope to do many more shoots with. I can not recommend this photographer enough


Catherine S


Catherine said:

Had a great shoot with Kevin last week. Not only is he a great photographer, he was easy to work with, full of ideas and down to earth. He was happy to come over to Manchester to shoot with me. It has only been a couple of days (including a weekend) and I had some lovely pics land in my inbox this morning. Would love to work with him again. Thank you Smile


Mercedy Purcell

Photoshoot in Manchester with Mercedy

Mercedy said …

interesting to work with, funny person, down to earth and he would definitely give you something new to portfolio, specially if your into street look photography.. very good at directing you into pose.. and some great images done on camera.. Will look forward to seeing the proper images..
I would highly recommend him and he’s another favourite photographer on my list :’)..

Thanks for a great shoot Kevin and hopefully cross paths again..

☆♡ Mercy ♡☆